Monday, December 23, 2013

{Christmas 2013 ~ Take One}

Ahhh...and it begins. 

The Christmas season always brings a ton of family gatherings, food, the occasional gift, and a ton of laughs. 

We had our first family gathering tonight at my Aunt Liz's....complete with our ENTIRE family! Grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, sister, mom....everyone. It's always a little chaotic, but so much fun.

Aria & Olivia...these two are 3 months apart and the apple of everyone's eye. They're pretty hard not to adore and seem to have everyone wrapped around their little finger. I'm not sure Aria was too happy sharing the seat with Olivia though. LOL.

Matt & Mallorye enjoying an intense game of Bingo...who am I kidding? Every game is intense with our family...quite a competitive bunch.

Blake & Katelyn....her first true introduction to our crazy family.
{hope we didn't scare her off}

Blake put a question in each of Katelyn's gifts that the answers spelled out, 
"Will You Go Out With Me?"
I think he's a keeper...maybe Katelyn will think the same.

Aunt Dian made this adorable doll house for Olivia...I love handmade gifts.

Presents, Wrapping Paper, and Kids....EVERYWHERE!

Baby Jackson's very first Christmas present :)

"I didn't do it." 
She's just too cute too resist!!

Stay tuned for the remaining celebrations....

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