Tuesday, December 24, 2013

{Christmas 2013 ~ Take Two}

Christmas Eve ... one of my favorite days :) My mom rocks at making holidays special and Christmas time is out of the park! One of my favorite traditions is Christmas Eve breakfast....at night. It's the only time of the year that I get to eat chocolate gravy (my fave!)

Table for (a bunch!)...mom outdid herself on the table setting this year. I love eating off the fine china...it just makes the day seem that much more special.

The tree trimmed with presents on and around!

Mallorye, Olivia, & Matt
This is what makes the holidays for me....smiles & laughter of my family.

Olivia has this obsession with lip gloss and Aunt Tiff was more than happy to indulge her.

Papa, Olivia, & Nannie

My sister Tiffany and her boys (family)
Dan, Daniel, & Caleb

Me & Q with our kiddos...I promise, we tried to get a pic that included Matt also, but out of 5 takes, not a single one turned out with everyone looking at the camera or not grabbing someone inappropriately. If you have me on FB...you can check them out there. LOL

Olivia .... the little girl who has stolen the hearts of everyone she meets.

Mom & Jack with Rodney & Angie and the picnic table that Rodney made for them. I think they were pleased...and surprised :)

Me & my sisters...Angie & Tiffany
Mom & Jack got all us girls (Alina wasn't there yet) a Diamond Ring candle...and we all agreed not to burn it until Christmas day. Each candle has a ring in it that ranges anywhere from $10 - $5,000 in value. Pretty neat gift.

Jack's masterpiece!! He made a toy chest for Baby Knox and it was absolutely stunning!

My nephews, Daniel & Caleb....tearing into some gifts from Jack & Nana

Blake...doesn't he look enthused? LOL. 

Rodney & Angie surprised Jack with this record player. 

My goodies from Mom & Jack...I love that they handmake our gifts. They made me a race sign I had seen on ETSY, a drying cloth, and Jack made me a necklace that I had seen on ETSY...plus the candle and texting gloves that I can use when I run outside to work my apps :)

My race necklace Jack made .... each circle indicates a race distance that I've completed in 2013. One of my fave gifts for sure!!

Whew! Just a few more celebrations to go....

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