Tuesday, December 24, 2013

{Christmas 2013 ~ Take Three}

Christmas gathering number three was definitely the most unexpected of all of them. I've not written anything, but the most incredible thing happened on December 13th....

I have wanted to find my birth dad since I was a teenager. I've dreamt of the day that I would find him and for the past several years I've entertained the idea of seriously searching for him. A few years ago, when asked by Mallorye what I wanted for Christmas, I replied, "to find my biological dad." I don't think I ever really believed that it would happen.

{Insert "incentive moment"}
Olivia has had new developments in her health that have made it necessary for her to be referred to a genetic specialist. We knew that they would need a full family medical history, which for me, was problematic (since I didn't know my biological dad). I talked to my mom about trying to find him ...or at the least... the information that we needed. After a few phone calls.....

{Insert "climax"}
My birth dad called my mom....

On December 13th, two worlds collided, and my birth dad found out that he had a brown-eyed baby (albeit 40 years later) girl. I can't imagine what must've went through his mind. For me, it was emotional overload. I didn't return his call until the next day. I needed time to process, but once I did, there was no turning back. He came to Blake's ballgame a few days later with his wife, Susan, and my step-sister, Misty and we've talked every day since. 

I have so much more to write about meeting my dad and building a relationship with him...but for now...it's about Christmas....

So....Christmas Eve 2013, was my FIRST Christmas with my dad :)
My Christmas wish come true (3 years after I wished for it)...proving again that one should never give up hope, no matter what the situation.

Grandpa Gary giving Olivia her "Olivia" bear that he made for her...complete with a beating heart and giggle box....perfect!

Grandpa Gary getting to know his great-granddaughter, Olivia. I think it's safe to say, he is smitten with this little girl who changed the course of so many lives ( and she doesn't even know it).

I think someone is wrapped around someones finger...lol

Grandma Susan looking on as Uncle Jeremy dressed Olivia's new baby

Jeremy & Olivia hit it off ....the baby was a gift from Aunt Misty (I didn't get a picture) and was a huge success....a little girl can never have too many babies.

My gifts from Dad & Susan
One thing I've noticed about dad...he pays attention and I think "gifts" might be one of his primary love languages also...
A running desk calendar....a framed picture of him, his brother Roger, and my grandpa....a photo book of pictures of my dad growing up...and a beautiful diamond necklace called "Love Grows."

This was an absolute magical Christmas and I can't wait to see what 2014 holds....getting to know my dad and my newfound family. God's timing is always right on time and you just never know what he's going to use to accomplish his purposes.

{stay tuned....a few more celebrations to recap coming up}

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