Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ok...I know that title does not invite very many readers and there seems to be a negative pattern going on these days...however, I need to just let you know how my yesterday went. My morning started with a huge argument with my mother, which ended up in a 3 hour saga...not exactly the way to start the day right. I'm trying to do this 6-week Body Makeover, so next on my agenda was breakfast...well, I forgot to go to the I had one egg white and a couple of pineapple slices...mmmm, yum-yum. Off to the dentist with Mal, where I had a major meltdown in the van...not a pretty sight...then back home for some more yummy treats...lunch. Well, I was trying to multi-task..and normally I'm pretty good at that...not this day. I was IM Quentin, talking to our FRG leader on the phone, and attempting to cook my lunch which ended up being...shriveled up chicken, overcooked rice, and wilted lettuce. Let's just say me and this "healthy" eating are NOT getting along. At this point I'm thinking do I even want to attempt work, but I'm thinking it can't get much worse, so off I go for a whole 3 hours of work. Nothing overly exciting...had another meltdown after work when I went by the church to pick up some food donations for the Smallwood family. I'm actually getting pretty good at these meltdowns. Ok, so I get home take the dog for a walk and get ready for my kickboxing class....I'm thinking this is just what I need to de-stress...right? I get there and there's this horrible stench...well, we all continue on with our warm up and I get down in the floor to do some push ups and there it is...the stench. It's my shoe!!! Seems when I was walking Shiloh that I must've stepped in IT. I am not believing what else could possibly happen...I know..don't ever ask that question. I survive kickboxing...barely...and head home. I'm completely emotionally and physically spent and decide to call it a night early...I lay down on the couch to relax and what do I see in the middle of the living room? Staring at me with those beady eyes...a mouse. Yep. Perfect ending to a perfect day! You have to laugh. God does have a sense of humor.

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Gary and Vicki Mealer said...

sorry to hear you a not have a good day. Keep in mind ...This too shall pass. I really enjoy reading your blog. At first I felt like I was ease dropping on your mind:) Now I understand we write so others can read. Praying for you daily and was hoping to read about how it went with the smallwood family. Later.. Love ya. Vicki