Saturday, June 2, 2007

Singing Sabbatical

I finally went to the doctor with my vocal chord big surprises. He ran that scope down and took a cancer (good!), no polyps (good), and no nodules (good). So, what's the problem...seems that a few months ago I injured my vocal chords singing and now they're swollen. Nothing that rest won't take care of. No singing, no clearing throat, try not to cough, no yelling (the kids love that one), and limit talking (I'm not sure how I'm supposed to do that). So, I'm a little sabbatical from singing until the end of July at minimum. It's going to be strange. I've been a part of our Worship Team for nearly 10 years. Watching from the congregation will be hard. Not only will I not be up there leading Worship...but I won't be able to sing with the congregation either. This is my primary way of worshipping God. *AHA Moment* Perhaps God is wanting to show me another way to worship Him...maybe show me more of a daily type of worship that I've yet to cultivate. Hmmm. Something to think on today.

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