Tuesday, July 31, 2007


As I write this, I'm sitting in a house that is now 86 degrees (I know Quentin...it's nothing compared to Iraq) and I'm getting a little irritable at all the sweat I'm enduring. You ask why? Well, seems my a/c unit has quit running, for the umpteenth time this year!! I've called my landlord (3x) and am still waiting on someone...anyone...to come check it out. Not looking like a very probable possibility tonight...being it's nearly 9pm. So, here I sit. I've had numerous offers to bunk with tonight...but I just am tired, hot, and cranky...and the prospect of packing up and staying somewhere else just isn't very appealing...and makes me even more cranky. I began calling my landlord before noon today, so I'm thinking that I should've been pretty close to the top of that list and for the amount of money I dish out each month...air...cold air...is not something I want to go without. I was trying to have a positive attitude about the whole situation, but I think that left about 10 degrees ago!! Catch you later if I don't melt into oblivion.

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Gary and Vicki Mealer said...

If your landlord hasnt sent someone by tonight I have a friend I will have come over and look at it for you. You can just the bill to the landlord. Hate when stuff like this happens. Love ya call me if it is not fixed when you get home today. V