Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Update & Pictures

Wow! I just realized that I haven't blogged since before Christmas and here it is, about to be the New Year!! (*gasp)So, how about a recap??!

We spent the Saturday before Christmas with my family...just eating and hanging out. Blake guessed the right number, thus winning our family a box of homemade fudge! Oh man, it was yummy!!

This is my little sister (she's 27) and her kids...nothing like a little race of the human horses to stir up some laughs.

Christmas Eve was spent with Quentin's parents. Christmas morning was reserved just for Quentin, Me, and the Kids. Don't you love that "I just woke up to open my presents look?"

Blake received a ton of hunting stuff to feed his new obsession and Mallorye got some kewl new things to update her room (like paper lanterns in hot pink, and black and white). Of course there was the ever present clothes and candy!! Quentin got me an IPOD shuffle (I was wanting one so I could use it to run on the excuses now!) and I pulled off the ultimate gift...surprising Q with tickets to see the Transiberian Orchestra!!

Later, we headed to my grandmas for lunch and to spend some time with my dad. He's the one in the middle that looks scared!

The kids...Blake and Mallorye in the back...and my sister's boys in the front...Caleb and Daniel.

Oh...back to the TSO concert...that was this past Saturday and it totally rocked!! If you ever get the chance to see them it is totally worth the money. Complete sensory overload...lights, lasers, fire, fireworks, moving stage, orchestra, narrator, incredible violinist! It was just awesome. My best friend from high school, Amy, was also there with her family. We don't get to hang out as much as we'd like...she has four kids and I have two and someone always has something to we ate supper at Corrino's after the concert.

Me & Amy

Me & Quentin....Surprise complete!

That's it! In a nutshell...sort of!


mindi said...

The pictures are great! Love the Christmas Morning pics :)
Hope you all have a wonderful and rewarding New Year!

Misty Ross said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I was realizing today that it'd been close to a month since I last blogged and looked at anyone elses - I enjoyed catching up with ya. Hopefully I will get some time to write some on my page soon. Things have been crazy. Also, thanks for the christmas card! See ya! Misty

Glo said...

Came over by way of Mindi's place.
My Hubby got home Sept of 06.
Great pictures,Great family.
God bless
Thank you husband for us and tell him Thank You for serving.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Sounds like a completely wonderful Christmas! Yay for pulling off a great surprise for your husband! I love it when I am able to do that!
Daniel would LOVE to go to see the Transiberian Orchestra. They were in Albany last year and he really wanted to go, but it was just too far.
Glad you had fun and were able to hang out with your friends!

Score on the fudge too!! Yum :)