Saturday, February 16, 2008

Random Things Meme....whatever a meme is!

I was tagged by Brittany and I’m finally getting around to writing this.

The rules for this meme are:(1) Link to the person that tagged you.(2) List the rules on your blog.(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.(4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.(5) Let each random person know they have been tagged.

Here we go....

(1) I have an extra bone in the roof of my mouth, called a "torri." It's like a big hill in the roof of my mouth and I totally thought it was normal until I went to get my braces at age 18 and they informed me that it was a genetic thing. My mom has it, my sister has it, and both of my children have it....hubby does not.

(2) I have a piercing and a tattoo. The belly button ring I got on my lunch break several years ago on a complete whim....and no, I don't wear it anymore...way too many belly rolls for that! The tattoo...a bit more permanent! LOL! I got it while Q was deployed to Iraq to mark that particular season in our life. Iraq really healed some stuff for more here.

(3) I'm adopted....sort of. The man I called dad as long as I can remember, adopted me when i was 14. I didn't find out he wasn't my dad until I was 10. So, I've had 3 last names and only been married once!

(4) I have a labelmaker and I know how to use it!! My kids say I'm OCD. I like to think I'm organized. I'm one of those people that empties the sugar and flour into plastic containers and labels it "sugar" and "flour"...I even put chips and Oreos in containers and label them....cereal...yep. EVERYTHING!! And yes, my canned goods are put away in alphabetical order. I know. It's a sickness.

(5) I have a thing for crowns. I was the first 4 year old Little Miss Greene County (78), 1st Runner Up Jr. Miss Paragould (90), Homecoming Queen (91-92) of our high school, Mrs. Northeast Arkansas (99) and Mrs. Tri County (01) ...and I was a runner up to Mrs. Arkansas in 1999. I think my competition days are long gone...or at least hidden under the 40 pounds I've gained...but Mal is closely following in my footsteps. She's looking for scholarship money and she loves dressing up as much as I did!

(6) One of the unique jobs I've had in the past is a pest control technician for Orkin...I killed cockroaches for a living! At the time, I weighed about 115 pounds and I must've looked hilarious walking in in my Orkin suit and can of killer spray, but it paid the bills.

Ok, I'm supposed to tag 6 someones and I hate tagging people. What if they don't want to be tagged?! So, play along if you'd like, but don't feel obligated. You won't hurt my feelings, but it could be lots of fun if you do!!

John & Melissa


John and Melissa Simmons said...

hey sis- well we will give this a shot. I don know 6 folks on the blogs yet well enough to 'tag' them . but i know you and the tarrys, so we will justhave to make do. have to find out where to inser the hypertex to make the links work. any pointers from you or anyone are welcome... as you might imagine , i dont have alot of time to play with the blogspot... so the more I know faster ill get r done.:) Ill do our meme tommorow got to talk with melissa to see if she wants to do the meme thing....

mindi said...

Very awesome tattoo!! Kevin wants me to get one, but I've always declined. However, I did have my belly button pierced. A Bday present for him. Like you, the ring came out a while ago!!

4 Little Men said...

Yeah you did it! Sorry for tagging you. :)

...I think my mom has that extra bone on the tattoo and yeah I don't wear my naval ring anymore either

...I put everything in a glass jar, i hate store packaging and i love the way they look in my cabinets. queen cool

...ha! killing bugs... ha!

thanks for sharing!