Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm joining Monica in her 2008 Spring Cleaning...just the motivation I need to get going on my much needed sprucing up around here. Below is my schedule...the date I hope to have that particular room completed by;

March 6 Living Room & Utility Room
March 7 Blake's Bedroom
March 8 Kid's Bathroom
March 11 Scrapbook Room
March 13 Master Bedroom/Bath
March 18 Kitchen/Dining Room
March 22 Front Porch & Exercise Room
March 29 Mallorye's Bedroom & Garage

I tried to be realistic...looking at each room and what needs to be done in there and consider our schedule. We have a WEDDING this I'm losing a Saturday, but that's ok...Colby & Laura are well worth it!

Come join the fun! Let's get ready for spring!!

1 comment:

thehomespunheart said...

Ginger! I'm so thrilled you're joining us for the Spring Clean challenge!

Your list looks great and I look forward to seeing the rooms you complete!