Tuesday, March 4, 2008

That's It??

Yep! That's it! That is all the snow we got today. Can you see it? Just a dusting on Quentin's truck. I can still see grass and the roads are clear. Aargh!

Arkansas weather is so finicky....yesterday the temperature was in the mid-70's, preceded by an absolute gorgeous weekend that made me just beg for spring. Today? Low 30's and snow, but we never get a real snow. I woke up this morning to check the weather and every county around us had snow....every school around was closed...and we had...rain/snow mix and hardly any accumulation! If it's going to be frigid temps can we at least have a good snow??! Something I can build a snowman with and sled down the driveway on a cardboard box? Even my mom, who lives less than an hour away, had about 4 inches of snow that just beckoned to come and play. Not fair I tell ya, not fair at all!!

1 comment:

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm MORE than happy to share... we've got enough to go around, that's for sure!

Sorry for the disappointment! I can just picture you sledding ;)