Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Day (part 1)

Almost 3 inches!! Woo Hoo!!

The front of our house..Blake preparing for a sneak attack!

Me & Quentin....

Quentin, Mallorye, & Blake...we loved having daddy home for the snow. Last year when we actually got a good snow, he was in Iraq.

Mallorye & Blake...sibling love!


Belle-ah said...

It look so pretty! We haven't seen really snow since moving back from NY!

John and Melissa Simmons said...

I saw these photos and it really brought some good feelings to bear. Sis when you think back to all the politics and rmor mills and what seemed to be "major issues" with FRG and other things during Q's deployment, they dont seem like hardly anything now. And all definitely worth while. While each family has their own set of triumphs and failures. And noone of our families is exempt from that, having a spouse or family member deployed during a time of war, not only redefines life for the family left behind, but more often than not for the person who was deployed as well. The very first thing most GIS will tell you when they get home , is how lucky we are to live here.How blessed they are to be home, and how much they love their wife /kids/etc.
I dont know what else to say except that its really good to see the family together again. Snow and all.... Thank you Lord for many answered prayers.